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Gospel Choir

Music Ministry

Particularly in the African-American religious tradition, music is a central part of worship. Our Music Ministry is  under the leadership of our Director of Music. 
Director of Music, Barry Black, II
Percussionist, Danny Villanueva


Combined Choir
The Combined Choir offers music at least 2 Sundays per month.  They make their repertoire of Gospel, Spirituals, and Praise and Worship music


Male Chorus
The Male Chorus offers music for Sunday services once per month. 

Worship Ministry

Corporate worship is a vital part of the life of any church.  There are many ways to serve in worship. 

Communion Stewarts

Our Acolytes
Our Acolytes assists in worship by carrying in the light for each service. The light is carried into worship as a symbol of Christs' coming into the presence of the worship community. The light is carried out again as a symbol of Christ going out into the world. 


Our Greeters and Ushers
Our Greeters and our Ushers Ministry demonstrate the love of Christ each time the doors of the church are open. It is our goal to practice radical hospitality. Being engaged in this ministry is to stand ready to be a servant who attends to the needs of all God's people during worship. Our Greeters and our Ushers Ministry facilitate familiarity with the physical building of the church and are attentive to the needs of all during worship.

Church Candles
Community Garden

Ministries of Nature, Outreach, and Witness (NOW)

How we serve the each other and our world, how we proclaim and share our faith, how we live in relationship is the evidence of our relationship with God.  Our ministries of Nurture, Outreach, and Witness (NOW) our Christianity in action.  These ministries are not fixed and take on characteristics of those who serve.

Nurture Ministries center on facilitating growth. Outreach Ministries are Ministries of compassion that involve addressing the immediate needs of families, individuals, and communities. Witness Ministries
Ministries of Nurture Outreach and Witness

  • Ministries with Community Partners

          ALIVE (hunger)
          Alive House
          Rising Hope
          Alexandria Health Department

  • Bible Study is offered every Wed. at 7pm

  • Vacation Bible School is offered every summer

  • Scripture with Sistahs is a young adult group that gathers regularly to reflect on passages scripture (meeting virtually during Coronavirus)

  • Topic Studies: Topical studies are offered at varying times.  These studies are usually 3-5 sessions long and relate to the Christian year, Spiritual Disciplines,  or current or as a supplement to sermon series.

  • Confirmation Class/Youth Christian Formation classes are offered regularly

United Methodist Ministries

United Methodist Women
The United Methodist Women is a group open to all women.  We seek t “to know God, to fellowship, and to mission” through the unit and circles.  The United Methodist Women engage in UMW programs and mission.  We meet each month after morning worship. 
United Methodist Men
The UMM is an group open to all men. The United Methodist Men meet the last Saturday of each month.  We proclaim Christ in our life and seek to promote the spiritual growth of men through effective discipleship and by modeling the servant leadership of Christ in our daily lives.  Our activities seek to influence positively our Church and local community.


Lay Servant Ministry

We support the spiritual development of all our members. We encourage their corporate and independent study of God's Word as well as the recognition and development of their gifts. We encourage members to consider becoming Certified Lay Servants by completing mandated course of study and committing to serving in Roberts (local church) and or community.  A Certified Lay Servant, in consultation with the Pastor may:

  • Provide leadership, assistance, and support to the program emphases of the church or other United Methodist ministry

  • Lead meetings for prayer, training, study, and discussion when requested by the Pastor, District Superintendent, or committee on Lay Servant Ministries

  • Conduct, or assist in conducting, services of worship, preach the word, or give addresses when requested by the Pastor, District Superintendent, or committee on Lay Servant Ministries

  • Work with appropriate committees and teams which provide congregational and community leadership or foster caring ministries

  • Teach the Scriptures, doctrine, organization, and ministries of The United Methodist Church

  • Assist in the distribution of the elements of Holy Communion upon request by a Pastor.

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