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606 S Washington Street

Alexandria, VA 22314



703-836-7332 (Church)


703-838-9822 (Parish)

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Holding Hands

Holy matrimony is ordained by God and we celebrate whom God has brought together. Our policy asks that prior to planning your wedding at Roberts, contact the pastor to set up mandatory counseling sessions. 

For additional information, see our wedding guide.

While we at Roberts affirm love in all the ways God has created love, and affirm the humanity and rights of all,  the United Methodist church currently does not allow our facilities or ministers to perform Same-Sex weddings.

Memorial Candle

At the passing of a loved one, our mission is to walk with you through the grieving process. Members are afforded free services and our commitment is to provide Godly comfort during your season of loss. 

Facility Rental: Our sanctuary is available to the Community, if available. Our trustees will answer any questions concerning use and security.